Athena Institute Investigations


Identified domestic extremist groups

For a Better Future Hungarian Self Defence

Year of formation: 2010
Presumed No. of members: 100-150
Presumed seat: Békés
Presumed leader(s): Tibor Attila László
Ideology: Racist Extremism, Anti-Semitism
Threat level: 4
Active/Inactive: Active

Guards of the Carpathian Homeland Movement

Year of formation: 2011
Presumed No. of members: 20-50
Presumed seat: Vác
Presumed leader(s): Sándor Horka
Ideology: racist extremism, anti-Semitism
Threat level: 4
Active/Inactive: Active

Hungarian National Front

Year of formation: 1989.
Presumed No. of members: 30
Presumed seat: Bőny
Presumed leader(s): István Győrkös (m)
Ideology: neo-Nazi
Threat level: 4
Active/Inactive: Active

Hungarian National Guard

Year of formation: 2010
Presumed No. of members: 100
Presumed seat: Budapest
Presumed leader(s): József Ináncsi (m)
Ideology: racist extremism
Threat level: 4
Active/Inactive: Active

Year of formation: 2005
Presumed No. of members: 10-15
Presumed seat: Budapest
Presumed leader(s): N/A
Ideology: Hungarian supremacism, racist extremism, anti-Semitism
Threat level: 4
Active/Inactive: Active

New Hungarian Guard

Year of formation: 2009
Presumed No. of members: 200
Presumed seat: Budapest
Presumed leader(s): István Mészáros, Henrik Ferenczi
Ideology: racist extremism
Threat level: 4
Active/Inactive: Active

Outlaws’ Army

Year of formation: 2008
Presumed No. of members: 60
Presumed seat: Southern Great Plains Region (Szeged)
Presumed leader(s): Zsolt Tyirityán
Ideology: racist extremism, Hungarian supremacism
Threat level: 5
Active/Inactive: Active

Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement

Year of formation: 2001
Presumed No. of members: 60
Presumed seat: Szeged
Presumed leader(s): György Gyula Zagyva, Gábor Barcsa-Turner, László Toroczkai
Ideology: Racist extremism, Anti-Semitism, Chauvinism
Threat level: 5
Active/Inactive: Active

Watchlisted organizations

Arrabona NS Crew

Arrabona NS Crew was founded during the 2006 riots. The mission of the hate group, created by skinheads from Győr, is to move beyond the usual activities of skinhead movements (organizing concerts, operating skinhead clothes shops), and thus promote more effectively the national socialist ideology. According to the website of NS Crew “the Hungarian nation can only be saved by national socialism, and not by concerts and by drinking beer.”

Blood & Honour Hungary

„If you stick around, you’ll be hanged/We’ll clear away this rogue filth!/The rope is tightening around your neck/ you must feel it already/Rest assured, all the rogues await to be hanged” – these are the words of a song calling for racist aggression of the racist rock band, „Vádló Bitófák” (cca: Accusatory Gallows). Blood and Honour Hungary has paved the way for „skinbands” like this during the course of its history of over ten years thus promoting racist „music” and the ideology of national socialism in Hungary. This hate group does not carry out extremist or directly violent act but provides for an effective forum for other extremist groups by carrying out a diverse range of propaganda activities. The B&H regularly participates in the organisation of the auxiliary events (concerts) of the neo-Nazi propaganda event, day of honour. Using their extensive international connections, they frequently invite foreign skinhead and hatecore bands to Hungary.

Conscience 88 Group

Conscience 88 Group, an organization known for actions of extremist provocation was founded in 1988. After many years of dormancy the court registered “cultural association” was reorganized by Imre Kocsis. This hate group propagates racist extremism, openly anti-Semitic views and Holocaust denial at their demonstrations, rallies and through their official website.

National Protection Force Heritage and Civil Guard Association

The National Protection Force is the only one among the hate groups active in Hungary to have a formal law enforcement unit that is completely independent from the Hungarian authorities. The civil guard units active in Northern Hungary are in charge of ensuring the safety of three communities. According to the credo of the organization, heavily influenced by Hungarian supremacist motives, being Hungarian is a privilege that is to be earned rather than born into. An inseparable part of the uniform of this paramilitary unit is the Árpád striped armband with the letter ’H’ inscribed in it with ancient Székely-Hungarian script, the whole being confusingly similar to the emblem of the Arrow Cross Party.

NS Straight Edge

The NS Straight Edge is a neo-Nazi extremist group that mixes the straight edge lifestyle with neo-Nazi ideology. It differs from other skinhead groups since they reject the use of all legal and illegal drugs. Members cannot consume alcohol, cannot smoke and they despise anyone who uses illegal substances. They frequently organise martial arts championships for different groups of the far-right scene (MMA, football, etc.) that are not necessarily on good terms with each other. Groups like the Hungarian National Front, the Pax Hungarica and multiple skinhead groups regularly represent themselves in these championships. They also propagate the concerts of skinhead and hatecore bands and spread hostile propaganda against the Hungarian Roma and Jewish communities.

Pax Hungarica

Although the racist Blood and Honour Cultural association was disbanded in 2005 by the force of law it continues to operate under the name Pax Hungarica. The leadership, ideology and objectives of the hate group have not changed in the past years. The PH regularly publishes hostile propaganda pices on its official website against the Hungarian Roma and Jewish communities. The group pursues an active extreme right ideology and considers racism and the ideology of Hungarism the only remedies to the ills of the society. It has developed a coherent concept of the enemy and regularly calls for the necessity of using violence to counteract it. For instance, according to the group, the Roma and the Jewry has no place in the Hungarian “lebensraum”, thus “they must be deported”.


Drawing on an Italian skinhead group, the Skins4skinS Hungary was established during the riots in 2006. The s4s has approximately 30 members and their explicit goal is to give help to those extremists who have been arrested or gaoled. They provide money and any other means of help to members of the far-right or skinhead subculture. The group presumably provides (at least partial) financial help to the perpetrators of the Roma serial killings. They frequently organise concerts and they use their income for the aforementioned activity. After the Hungarian group a German organisation was also established, therefore the s4s can be now defined as an international extremist group.

Inactive groups

Death Squad (Serial killer group targeting the Roma)

Hereditary Hungarian Guard

Hungarian Guard

Hungarian Resurrection and Progress National Movement

Hungarian Satanic Legion

National Will Platform

NS Front

Radical Animal Defenders

Soldiers of the Defense Force

The Arrows of the Hungarians National Liberating Army / Hunnia Movement